Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wedding Party { Just for Fun }

This past Saturday I went down to Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC, to do a couple's portrait session. The weather was so wonderful I headed down extra early to wander around and enjoy the weather and scenery. I arrived and packed up my gear and set off walking. I cam across a group of friends all dressed in wedding attire. Wedding dresses, Tuxedos....even Tutus. Being a wedding photographer, I walked over to see what was happening, and, naturally, asked to photograph was so much going on it is not enough to describe it in words, but luckily these photos will show the evidence of awesomness....Enjoy.

Caught in the act.....

All Images Copyright © Chelsea Jean Photography 2012, Victoria, BC Photographer: Wedding Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Nature Photographer, Life Photographer.

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