Friday, September 9, 2011

Chantal & Temperance { Wedding }

Chantal & Temperance were married last weekend at Chantal's Sister's beautiful property in Duncan, BC, during an afternoon ceremony. The weather was perfect; warm and sunny, and the set up was shaded by vibrant green trees. Beautiful details and accents lined the property and were scattered throughout the backyard. Incense were burned and tiki torches were lit to set the mood for the evening. The ceremony was absolutely stunning, and the vows were so beautiful I nearly teared up, despite knowing them only an hour. The ceremony was based on Wiccan beliefs, and a Celtic Hand Fasting ritual was performed to sybolize the binding of the couple. Multiple coloured ribbons were placed over the couples fastened hands to symbolize various blessings and promises, then finally all of the ribbons were tied together to form the binding. Candles were lit to represent the North, South, East & West and their corresponding natural Elements - Earth, Wind, Air and Fire. Though not traditional to Wiccan belief, Chantal & Temperance also exchanged beautiful Native art rings to symbolize their union. They had a bed set up outside to sleep in after the day, it was surrounded by netting and beautiful colour.

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